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Adam Cranfield

Adam Cranfield, director and consultant at DigitalFWD, has 17 years' experience leading digital teams and delivering products, experiences and marketing initiatives in B2B, B2C, charity, public sector and startup contexts. He works with a network of highly experienced and talented associates to deliver measurable results and effect business change.

The DigitalFWD view is that standard agency and consultancy models of delivery are not well suited to the challenges faced by organisations and businesses that are attempting to adapt and transform digitally.

What makes DigitalFWD different?

  • We take a fundamentally lean and agile approach to both strategy and delivery.
  • We fall in love with the problem rather than the solution.
  • We put all of our time, energy, experience and creativity into delivering value for our clients.
  • We grasp issues and opportunities quickly.
  • We think big and we think simple.
  • We don't have preconceived ideas about particular solutions to sell you.
  • We take a truly people-centric view of digital transformation.
  • We understand that success starts with a clear vision and purpose.
  • We enjoy educating and learning, inspiring and being inspired.
  • We believe digital should be just as much about "making things people want" as "making people want things".
  • We like to work within a strategic context, but know from experience that getting on with delivering value early is often the most effective way to prove new ways of working.
  • We don't like “cookie cutter” approaches. Every business is very different, so we want to understand how you work before recommending a specific plan or methodology.
  • We put communication and collaboration at the heart of our approach, to avoid causing a client-consultant divide. 
  • We augment your team, helping you to break down barriers to progress and realise new digital possibilities.

Whether working with nimble startups or established organisations, we bring a deep understanding of digital and marketing strategy, user-centred product and service design, and internal and external communications approaches.

If you would like to discuss a challenge, project or opportunity, drop a line to hello@digitalfwd.com.

How we can help

We work across a wide range of areas within the broad strategy, transformation, product and marketing space, including:

  • Digital transformation, strategic planning, foresight and implementation
  • Digital and integrated marketing strategy and execution
  • Lean startup/proposition development and go to market strategy
  • Agile product management
  • User centred product and service design
  • User/customer experience testing, evaluation and optimisation
  • User centred innovation and design sprints
  • CRM and marketing automation strategy and implementation
  • Technology procurement and vendor/solution evaluation
  • Digital agency/partner search and selection
  • Market/customer research/insight and competitor analysis
  • Digital analytics 
  • Content marketing
  • Online copywriting
  • Social media and PR
  • SEO
  • Online advertising
  • Training and coaching in many of the above areas

We'd love to talk to you about your challenges or opportunities, so please get in touch at: hello@digitalfwd.com.