What are UX experts' favourite apps and websites?

The User Experience UK Awards recognise excellence in user-focused digital or service design. Now in their third year, the awards are a celebration of great and innovative UX from organisations that take pride in offering the best possible online or joined-up experience.

Featuring 10 categories, including best entertainment experience, best not-for-profit, best transactional experience and best student project, the awards will be judged by an esteemed panel representing a wide range of specialisms and industry experience.

To get you in the mood to enter, and to give you a flavour of what floats some of the judges’ boats, here are their answers to the question:

"Do you have a favourite app or website in terms of design or user experience?"

Joel Gill, Head of User Experience and Visual Design, HSBC

"I really like the new Expedia app. Irrespective of where or on what you have made a booking, everything hooks up and arrives on your app. Great experience, and adds a huge volume of confidence to users. Very cool."

Stephen Hardingham, Head of Design, All 4

"Monument Valley is a tour de force from ustwo. It's conceptually simple and visually stunning. It's immersive to play (and replay) and it reveals a delightful narrative which gently leads the player through its levels. It's timeless and shouts of a clear vision and commitment to quality."

Daniel Harvey, Head of Digital Capability, SapientNitro

"I dig SoundCloud. The way they've made the song's waveform central to the experience is memorable. If Spotify or Apple Music tried to lift and shift it to their services it'd fail. Creating something unique and ownable is what we should all strive for. That's good branding. That's good design. Add to that they've made it social by atomising songs to beats and riffs. It's pretty amazing."

Aline Baeck, Head of Design, Global Product Experience Group, eBay

"I love Citymapper - from the beginning it's been a great blend of functionality that solves a real user need (navigating through the city using uncoordinated modes of public transportation) and a deceptively simple design. Even in the first version, it had a 'delighter' in the form of a teleporter transport mode, a fun little animation that instantly beamed you to your destination. Their clean visual design and focus on the core user task make the interface effective even when users are stressed due to unexpected transport issues."

Chris Roe, Vice President Sales, Distribution and Loyalty, Accor

"Skyscanner - simple, easy to use and does what it needs to do very quickly."

John Goodall, UX Consultant, Bunnyfoot

"I love Spotify. It's easy to find music I know and to discover new artists. I especially like being able to move from one device to another and continue listening where I left off. It's the sole reason I got a mobile contract with unlimited data."

Jane Austin, Head of UX, The Telegraph

"Interestingly, I've just realised loads of my favorite apps are to do with travelling and getting from A to B. I love Uber. I love how it knows exactly what problem it is solving and focuses relentlessly on that. Everything is centered around convenience, and getting that exactly right means that people will pay those surge prices to get a cab when they want, no waiting. It has come into a crowded marketplace and because of their focus and amazing execution and design they are getting increasingly more customers. 

I'm a huge fan of Airbnb too, both beautifully designed and a pleasure to use. It's a fantastic example of design, technology and product coming together to make something excellent that solves a problem in a novel and useful way."


The User Experience UK Awards are free to enter and the deadline for entry is 18 September 2015. The awards ceremony will take place in London in November.